Naomi Levitin first discovered the art of jewellery making after graduating from high school, when she enrolled in a summer course at a jewellery design school in Tel-Aviv, Israel. After moving to Canada and completing a BA in psychology, she enrolled in a two-year Jewellery Art and Design Programme at the Vancouver Community College. and opened her home studio shortly after.


Naomi's work has been influenced by the diverse artistic cultures of the Middle East and North Africa.  She strives to achieve an Old-World aesthetic incorporated with a contemporary wearable appeal. Her work involves an exploration of textured surfaces, unusual and irregular shapes, and surface ornamentation.  She applies traditional metal-smithing techniques, incorporating sterling silver and semi-precious stones.  Casting (aka Lost Wax Casting) is her primary means of achieving an inventory of shapes.  This process allows exploration of diverse organic, three dimensional forms as well as repetition of interlocking links.  Each piece is designed and created with the  intention of it being worn every day, and for it to bring the same joy to the wearer as it does to her, while creating it:)